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Red Door Play Festival

The Red Door Play Festival (RDPF) is produced, directed, designed, and run by the students. It is a festival of short plays presented in one weekend each semester. The number of plays varies with each semester and the festival is presented primarily in the Red Door in the bottom level of the Seegers Student Union.


Production info - Production information will be given at MTA meetings and via email during the fall and spring semesters. 

Auditions - Sign-up sheets for audition time slots will be online and in the Box Office Lobby.  At the time of auditions, each student MUST fill out a preference sheet no matter how many productions he or she is

auditioning for.


Casting - Directors of RDPF will choose their casts after auditions.


Cast Lists - Cast lists will be sent out via email.


Director Eligibility -Any active member of the MTA is eligible to direct a Red Door Play.


Stage Manager Eligibility - Any active member of the MTA is eligible to stage manage a Red Door Play.

Reserving a Space - The Stage Manager of each play is responsible for contacting the Red Door Play Festival Coordinator in order to sign out rehearsal space. The spaces in the CA, Trexler Pavilion, and Rehearsal House are not available to RDPF.

Tech Week - Time is divided equally in the space among the various productions.  Exact time of technical rehearsals are decided by the Red Door Play Festival Coordinator

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