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MTA Leadership Board

All are welcome and encouraged
to attend board meetings!

Executive Board

President: Elizabeth Muriel '23

Vice President: Allison Mintz '23

Production Manager: Britney Jara '23
Executive Secretary: Johnny Veglia '24

Business Manager: Sophie Plaut '24

Inclusivity & Equity Chair: Gabrielle McCabe '24

Advisory Board

Fundraising Manager: Brayden Stallman '23

Social Chair: Greg Wilson '24

Head Carpenter: Michaela Zahner '24

Head of Stage Management: Eden Kaufman '23
Publicity Manager: Niamh Sherlock '23

Head Electrician: Tryston Morgan '23

Head Stitcher: Katie Harris '24


Studios Coordinator: Kyle Barkis '25

Red Door Play Festival Coordinator: Kayla Hartman '24
MVTAF Coordinator: Bethany Qian '25

Arts Marathon Coordinator: Jolie Lanning '25

Media Coordinator: Carolina Sutton-Schott '24


Look out for applications at the beginning of the semester!
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