MTA Leadership Board 
Fall 2021

All are welcome and encouraged to attend board meetings!

Executive Board


President: Maereg Gebretekle '22

Vice President: Elizabeth Muriel '23

Executive Secretary:  Greg Wilson '24

Business Manager: Allison Mintz '23

Inclusivity & Equity Chair: Celeste Samson '22

Advisory Board

Production Manager: Britney Jara '23

Publicity Manager: Niamh Sherlock '23

Performance Ensemble Committee Head: 

Master Electrician: Tryston Morgan '23

Master Stitcher: Nico Bittker '22

Co-Fundraising Managers: Elizabeth Witek '23, Hayley Arnold '23


Community Engagement Manager: Alison Rutyna '23

Social Chair: Rowan Joyce '24

Master Carpenter: Sophia Pettine '23


Red Door Play Festival Coordinator: Ali Rohrbaugh '22


Marginalized Voices Theatre Arts Festival Coordinator: Shachar Kessler '22

Arts Marathon Coordinator: Desmond Reifsnyder '22

Media Coordinator: Madison Whiting '22

Graphic Designer: Melissa Tillman '24 

MTA/MDA Liaison: Anya Epstein '22

MTA/MCA Liaison: Andrew Gordon '22

 Assistants: Applications will be available by the end of the summer!