MTA Leadership Board 

Spring 2020

Board Meetings happen every Friday at 4:00pm in GQ Annex.
All are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Executive Board


President: Brenden Scalea '21

Vice President: Gillian Parker '22

Executive Secretary:  Clarissa Shirley '22

Business Manager: Luke Poleway '22


Advisory Board

Production Manager: Maereg Gebretekle '22

Publicity Manager: Alison Rutyna '23

Performance Ensemble Committee Head: 

Elizabeth Muriel '23

Master Electrician: Emilie Leasure '21 

Master Stitcher: Sarah Levine '21

Fundraising Manager: Elizabeth Witek '23


Community Engagement Manager:

                                            Aileen Bergin '22

Social Chair: Meghan McGorry '22

Inclusivity & Equity Chair: Ashley Hilary '22

Master Carpenter: Sophia Pettine '23

MTA/MDA Liasion: Tommy Gedrich '21


Red Door Play Festival Coordinator: 

Madison Whiting '22

Media Coordinator: Brigid Connery '21

Graphic Designer: Niamh Sherlock '23

Studio Productions Coordinator: CJ McDonald '23

New Play Reading Series Coordinator: Hannah Schmitt​ '20

Fundraising Cabaret Coordinator: Ariel Noble '23

 Assistants: Please Apply!

(Applications open Jan. 6th)

Production Manager Assistant:  

Publicity Assistant:  

PECH Assistant :  

Master Electrician Assistant:  

MTA Studios Assistant: 

Business Manager Assistant:   


Fundraising Assistant: 

Community Engagement Assistant : 

Social Chair Assistant: 

RDPF Coordinator Assistant : 

Arts Marathon Assistant : 

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Board Meetings every week!
Fridays, 4-5:00pm
GQ Annex