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Marginalized Voices Theatre/Arts Festival

Unchained Theatre Collective: a Multiculturalist Ensemble and Muhlenberg Theatre Association team up each year for an exciting and necessary Theatre/Arts Festival. The purpose of the Marginalized Voices Theatre Arts Festival (MVTAF) is to spotlight and give space to voices of any marginalized community that are not normally represented within Muhlenberg’s art scene nor the mainstream global art industry. The pieces that will be a part of this event should uplift and shine a light on the unheard stories and voices of those who have been traditionally marginalized within the many oppressive systems of society. We will be coming together to not only shine a light on the oppressed/marginalized experiences of some but to showcase the pride, beauty, and pure excellence that can be found in the unique culture/group that is being focused on, exploring the complex experience of being apart of a marginalized community, especially today. Original work is welcomed and encouraged as is all artistic expression written or produced by a marginalized voice.

Please sign up to get involved in the process so that you can get emails and updates within the upcoming months. The pieces submitted in the application do not have to be limited to traditional theatrical/art forms and we encourage radical exploration and bold risk taking. 

If you have any questions about potential performances or if your idea would qualify for the festival, please feel free to email 

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