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Financial Information

The Muhlenberg Theatre Association operates as part of the Student Activities of Muhlenberg College. Funded by a mixture of its own fundraising efforts and the ever gracious Student Government, the MTA produces numerous works each semester as well as engages in community outreach and sponsors social events for its members and the campus community. It would be ungracious of the MTA to not also recognize the Muhlenberg College Department for Theatre and Dance for their amazing contributions as well. Not only does the Department play the integral role in producing the MTA's Mainstage season, but it also diligently shares and donates resources without which the MTA could not survive or flourish.


In order to be reimbursed for any purchase, you must first be pre-approved by the MTA Business Manager. 

Assuming that the Business Manager gives you go-ahead, getting reimbursed is easy! To get a reimbursement form, go to the MTA bin on the wall right when you walk into the Theatre and Dance Offices. Fill it out, attach your receipt(s), and put the form back in the MTA bin. In about two weeks, the cashier in the basement of Haas will have a check ready for you! The cashier usually e-mails to let you know that your check is ready.


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