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Quickies will allow for a total of 48 hours of a rehearsal process. Each individual Quickie will have the freedom to split its rehearsal process over a number of weeks or to lump it into one long rehearsal period leading up to the final performance.

Applicants must submit either student-written or public domain work. The MTA will not be responsible for purchasing rights for Quickies.

Based on the proposed rehearsal schedule submitted with the application, the Quickie Coordinator will be responsible for reserving rehearsal and performance spaces. For rehearsals and performances, Quickies will only have access to non-departmental spaces in any academic building classrooms.

Those who apply for a Quickie are responsible for their own casting. The MTA will not hold auditions. It is recommended that you have a team of collaborators prior to filling out the application, but the MTA can put out a call for people if necessary.

Quickies are eligible to request funds for props, costumes, etc. from the Quickie Coordinator prior to any spending. If purchases are made prior to the spending request being approved no funds will be allocated for reimbursement. This funding is entirely discretionary and is not guaranteed to any production at the time of the application. Please note that approved funds may not go toward deposits for props or costume storage.

Quickie teams must submit a rehearsal report at the end of each rehearsal to the Quickie Coordinator.

You must be an active member of the MTA to apply for a Quickie. You do NOT have to be an active member to be involved in somebody else's Quickie.

There are no prerequisites to do a Quickie. 

Applications are due on a rolling basis. Quickies should be submitted a minimum of 2 weeks before the first rehearsal.

Quickies do NOT count towards the Performance and Participation Rule, or "The Two Rule."

The MTA will be responsible for all advertising of the event, including a Facebook event and email blast.



Quickie Application!

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 2.20.37 PM.png

An all women production of Julius Caesar

 Photo by : Mia Shmariahu

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