Performance Ensembles

The Muhlenberg Theatre Associations sponsors many performance ensembles which meet and showcase their work regularly. Performance Ensembles allow members the opportunity to develop performances which thrive on the a group dynamic. Below are the performance ensembles currently sponsored by the MTA.

Performance Ensemble Contract

M.I.A. (The Muhlenberg Improvisation Association)                 Click here to see what MIA is up to!!


Muhlenberg's Short-form Improv Group and first ever performance ensemble, the Muhlenberg Improv Association. Established in 2007 and still going strong!

An Artist Collective                                                                   Click here to see what Art Co is up to!!


An Artist Collective is the only interdisciplinary performance group on campus. As a group, they seek to bring together a diverse ensemble of artists (actors, dancers, painters, writers, musicians, photographers, sculptors, mathematicians, linguists, finger painters...) to relate to and inspire one another. Members will have chances to participate in and lead workshops in different forms of artistic expression and community art installations on and around campus. Artist Collective is shaped heavily by the ideas and input of its members, so in many ways Artist Collective is a chance to bring the special, creative, artistic talents and ideas that you have into a group of people that is eager to listen and play.

Fun with Science                                                        Click here to see what Fun with Science is up to!!


Fun with Science is Muhlenberg's premiere sketch comedy group! After a wildly successful first year, Fun with Science is excited to bring laughter to the Berg Campus through their numerous stage and video sketches. They are just a group of fun loving actors and writers, ready to spread their passion for comedy and "science".


Damsels in Excess                                                           Click here to see what the Damsels are up to!!


Muhlenberg's all-female comedy troupe. We like to play with improv and sketches and explore the different dynamic of having a lady-powered group.


UiP (Underground Improv Project)                                                Click here to see what UiP is up to!!


UiP, or Underground Improv Project, was founded in the fall of 2009 by Roxy Schoenfeld, Lauren "Saky" Satkwich, and Emily Spadaford, three sophomores who wanted to bring long-form improv to Muhlenberg. Priding themselves on working through the learning process as a team, the group has done many shows, valuing exploring the nuances of each of the exercises/games before putting them in front of the audiences. Long-form improv is a form of improvisation in which extended stories are built. The focus is less on the comedy and more on the building of plot, although humor will naturally arise!

SongSycle                                                                               Click here to see what SongSycle is up to!!


This group creates and performs song cycles in the style of the contemporary and little known song cycle composers. A song cycle, for the groups purposes, is defined as a group of songs designed to be performed as a single entity usually by the same composer or composers of similar style. The group aims to give performance opportunity to the cohesive, and collaborative ensemble of actor-singers, bettering one another as performers and exposing this very relevant genre to the Muhlenberg campus.

Bag and Baggage Shakespeare Project (BB Shakes)         Click here to see what BB Shakes is up to!


The Bag and Baggage Shakespeare Project seek to explore the diverse contemporary world, as well as the all-inclusive experience of being human, by producing original work based off the writing of William Shakespeare. The group is passionate about investigating and defining the world around us through Shakespeare, and vice versa, and are dedicated to developing imaginative, accessible, thoughtful, multidisciplinary, cooperative, and artistic experiments with his work. In addition to cultivating new pieces, The Bag and Baggage Shakespeare Project ensemble will serve as a laboratory for creative development in young artists from all backgrounds and disciplines as we play and learn together as a company.

TBD                                                                                     Click here to see what TBD is up to!


To Be Determined is Muhlenberg College's only musical improv ensemble. The group improvises songs and creates musicals on the spot based on audience suggestions. The ensemble is comprised of improvisors who sing, dance, and act as well as a music director.

Off the Cuff                                                


Off the Cuff is an improvisational performance ensemble for the actor. Off the Cuff performs original one-act improvised plays that focus on creating drama in a straight-play style. When watching a performance, the audience will see a brand new play put together from start to finish.